Taquile, Puno © Munayki Perú

Taquile, Puno © Munayki Perú

Llanganuco, Huaraz, Peru

Llanganuco, Huaraz © Munayki Perú

Paracas, Ica © Munayki Perú

Paracas, Ica © Munayki Perú

Uros, Puno © Munayki Perú

Uros, Puno © Munayki Perú

Lima, Peru

Lima © Munayki Perú

Bird watching amazon jungle

Amazonas, Birdwatching © Munayki Perú

Our Tours in Peru

These tours in Peru are just proposals that will allow you to meet several amazing places with spectacular sightseeings. All of our tours are carefully made with a lot of passion and professionalism. We will offer you several kinds of lodgments with really affordable prices that will give you the opportunity to stay in a nice place in each city you will choose to visit.

Let us show you our proposals, but please feel free to change them, we only want you to have an unforgettable stay in Peru.

Tours in Peru
Naylamp god, Lambayeque-Trujillo
Cultures & Gods

Discover our diverse and mysterious ancient cultures with us!
Explore also our daily life, tasting our wonderful gastronomy and strolling through our main cities in Peru.

Exploring the Andes

Explore by foot, by train or by bus our beautiful landscapes offered by our amazing Andes. Marvel with our majestic mountains and charming villages. We are waiting for you with the armas wide open!

tours in Peru
Plaza de armas, Cusco
Trip to Iquitos, Peru
Cute frog, Pacaya Samiria National Reserve
Amazon Jungle Programs

Our wonderful Amazon jungle offers an amazing fauna and flora unique in the world. Feel our beautiful Mother Earth with us! Reconnect your spirit with the beautiful nature!

Magic Trekking Programs & Rafting

If you like long walks through endless mountains and beautiful landscapes, one of our options will be perfect to combine your trip in Peru.

Inca trail, Machu Picchu, Peru
Machu Picchu, after our Inca trail trek