Taquile, Puno © Munayki Perú

Taquile, Puno © Munayki Perú

Llanganuco, Huaraz, Peru

Llanganuco, Huaraz © Munayki Perú

Paracas, Ica © Munayki Perú

Paracas, Ica © Munayki Perú

Uros, Puno © Munayki Perú

Uros, Puno © Munayki Perú

Lima, Peru

Lima © Munayki Perú

Bird watching amazon jungle

Amazonas, Birdwatching © Munayki Perú

Our principal Cities

It`s a pleasure for us to show you the wonderful attractions of each city in Peru, unique cities, with different kinds of charm that gives this magic touch of paradise to our Peruvian territory  where you can live different ways of tourism.

Let us show you the cities that we have visit and which are really recommendable to visit.

Peru, Lima
Main square of the capital city of Lima


The capital city of Peru and the main centre of business. Lima has really beautiful colonial buildings, pre Incas huacas and modern malls and buildings that makes it an interesting destiny to visit. This city also offers the most important museums that you couldn´t miss. They are the Archaeological and History Museum, Larco Museum and the Banco Central de Reserva Museum.

Recommend dishes: Aji de Gallina, Lomo Saltado, Cebiche and the delicious desert called arroz con leche or the Mazamorra morada.


City of delicious wines and pre incas cultures. Its lands were the scenery of important coast cultures like the Nasca and Paracas. Nasca has the enigmatic lines and the well conserved mummies of Cahuachi. While in Paracas, you can visit the National Reserve, where the cute sea lions, the zarcillos and the Humboldt penguins will give you a nice welcome. Also its amazing textiles that conserves their several colors for hundred of years.

Recommend dishes: Picante de Pallares and the delicious chocolate Tejas.

Peru, Huacachina, Ica
Huacachina Lagoon, Ica
Peru, Pimentel beach, Chiclayo
Pimentel beach, Chiclayo


This city is well known as the city of the friendship, and they are really friendly. In our trip, we met kind people which always are available to give you a nice stay. This coast city has really amazing places to visit. Here you will find ancient constructions before Inca time. You can visit the Huaca Rajada, place which Walter Alva find the most important tomb in Peru. He found the tomb of the Señor de Sipan. He found a lot of gold artifacts which shows to the world that the artisans made a great job. All these artifacts are in the Royal Tombs Museum, you will have the chance to see these beautiful gold artifacts sometime with precious stones. Also you can visit Tucume, the valley of the Huacas, here you will find the pyramids made of adobe (soil brick), perfectly designed.

Recommend dishes: the delicious Arroz con Pato (rice with duck).


Trujillo is another coast city located at the north of Peru. This city has a lot to visit. If you like the cultural tourism, this destiny is for you. Here you will find colored murals at the Huaca de la Luna. It`s colors are really clear even though of the hundreds years that they have. The culture that made this wonderful work was the Chimu. They combine the principal colors as red, yellow, blue and white. After this visit, you must visit the Chan Chan, the biggest city in Peru made of adobe. Its walls are really special because they made an excellent job in bas relief.

Recommend dishes: the Seco de cabrito or the Frijoles a la Trujillana. They are a little bit heavy but with a chamomile tea will be fine. Don`t miss the King Kong. Typical dessert in the north of Peru.

Peru, Huanchaco, Trujillo
Huanchaco beach, Trujillo
Peru, Arequipa
Cathedral of Arequipa city


This city has interesting colonial construction made of Sillar (white volcanic stone). You can appreciate the beautiful cathedral or the church de La Compañia de Jesus, excellent examples of construction made by this stone. Arequipa has a lot to visit, the Santa Catalina convent or the special Colca Valley where you can appreciate a lot of Terrances and andenes that the Collaguas made with excellent results. On the way to this beautiful valley, you will pass the National Reserve of Salinas y Aguada Blanca. Here you can take many pictures of the nice vicuña and the cute vizcacha (Andean rabbit).Also this valley has plenty of small towns, and the deepest canyon in the world. And if you want to see the peaceful flight of the majestic condor and if you are lucky, you will have the chance to see it. This is really spectacular, to see this enormous birds at their natural habitat.

Recommend dishes: the Rocoto relleno, Ocopa a la Arequipeña and the cheese ice cream.


This city is the most important in Peru. The discovery of the spectacular Machu Picchu made this city the most famous of the Peruvian territory. Its several historical sites and the peaceful that you will feel, make this city a unique paradise. The principal sites that you can`t miss are Sacsayhuaman, Pisaq, Ollantaytambo that is located at the Sacred and the famous Machu Picchu. Also this city has the most famous artisans like Hilario Mendivil. Many art galleries offer colonial pictures, chullos, sweaters and colorful jewel.

Recommend dishes: Chicharron, the delicious corn with cheese and the humita (sweet cake make of corn)

Plaza de Armas, Cusco
Perú, Taquile Island, Puno
Taquile island, Puno


The city of the highest lake. This lake is called Titicaca, where unique islands stay at its waters showing us how the people live there. The Uros islands are built of Totora and the people who live there will show you how they live, how they constructed these islands and they hand made handicraft. Taquile is not made of Totora, but its sightseeing is spectacular. You can have a delicious lunch here and have an overnight in one of the farmer`s houses.

If you want to share a day with farmers or weavers, Puno is a great option. We recommend to visit Atuncolla district, where many houses of farmers are waiting to share with you a great rural experience.

Recommend dishes: Andean Trout, Pesque or the Cancacho.


It’s an interesting city which its delicious gastronomy and historical houses will impress you. Also it’s handicrafts stores will give the opportunity to support the wonderful handmade works that they make with natural materials. This city is the beginning point of your adventure to the unique and amazing Amazon river. If you are a nature or birdwatcher lover, this is the exact place to visit! Its stunning sightseeings through the Amazon River will catch you from the beginning. Also its a great opportunity to swim with pink dolphins and watch more that 100 kinds of birds!

Recommend dishes: Tiradito de Cocona, Juane, Tacacho con cecina y ensalada de chonta

Amazon River, Iquitos