Llanganuco, Huaraz, Peru

Llanganuco, Huaraz © Munayki Perú

Paracas, Ica © Munayki Perú

Pisac, Cusco © Munayki Perú

Uros, Puno © Munayki Perú

Taquile, Puno © Munayki Perú

Lima © Munayki Perú

Rainforest lodge, Iquitos

Different weathers: wonderful option to meet Peru

Lima, Puno, Cusco & Puerto Maldonado
13 days / 12 nights

This program is really recommendable. You will have the chance to visit the Uros handmade islands, and the peaceful Taquile Island. Then you will depart to Cusco by the luxury train Andean Explorer, this trip is one of the most amazing in Peru. In Cusco, you will visit the principal nearby historical sites like Sacsayhuaman and the beautiful sacred valley with its handicraft market and the Ollantaytambo fortress. Then you will visit Machu Picchu, with enough time to appreciate with tranquility.  Finally one of the richest jungles of the World.