Llanganuco, Huaraz, Peru

Llanganuco, Huaraz © Munayki Perú

Paracas, Ica © Munayki Perú

Pisac, Cusco © Munayki Perú

Uros, Puno © Munayki Perú

Taquile, Puno © Munayki Perú

Lima © Munayki Perú

Montaña de colores, Cusco

The wonderful Rainbow mountain

Vinicunca, Cusco
01 day

Early at the morning, around 3:30am, we will pick you up from your hotel to head towards the Qollasuyo route which is in the southern part of the Inca Capital. The Qollasuyo was one of the four regions of the Tahuantinsuyo. The trip will last approximately 3 hours, on the way we will pass the town of Checacupe and Pitumarka, here we will take a short break to relax and take breakfast. Chance to buy wáter and snacks.

After taking breakfast, we will continue for 40 minutes till we reach Pampachiri, where we will get ready and our guide will give you some tips to start our trek upto the mountain. We will start first our way to the Vinicunca mountain or well known as Rainbow Mountain,  located at near the Ausangate snowpeak. Our trek until the top will be around 3 hours, on the route we will have the chance to appreciate amazing sightseeing and the cute Alpacas and Llamas.

When we arrive upto the mountain, we will have enough time to take pictures of this enigmatic and wonderful place. After walking around 35 minutes more, we will reach the Valle Rojo (Red Valley),  an unique valley which red color will get you amazed.
After a time to relax and appreciate, we will get back until Pampachiri where will take our transportation to Pitumarca where we will take a delicious local lunch. Then we will pass the town of Checacupe where we will its wonderful inca colonial and republican bridge. Return to Cusco and transfer to your hotel.